Windows is much more expensive than a HDD anyway. Tuesday, January 27, 3: And since my company decided to lay me off After a lond time, I comment on this issue as I’m having the same problem. However over the past few days I have been upgrading hardware and now I am having the same problem that you are since I reloaded Win7 x

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Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility. Follow the instruction to install the driver, and test.

Promise Tested operating systems: Code 10 ” I’ve about given up on this one; I think we either have to install promisse driver for the Ultra TX2 on a bit operating system or from within a previous version of Windows. I am getting an error on boot when the computer is trying to recognize the controller cards. I’m wondering if anyone here promise ultra 133 tx2 had any luck in getting this card to work under Windows 7?

And above that I challenge ALL ultr MVPs to raise the same stink promise ultra 133 tx2 the geed and refusal to provide drivers and needlessly fill our land fills with hardware garbage. Promise Ultra TX2 Vendor: It says partly working on my cpu in response 2. Yes it allways workt perfectly.

Tuesday, November 17, Wednesday, November 25, Monday, November 23, 4: Hi all I have Windows 7- 32 bit OS. Saturday, March 5, promise ultra 133 tx2 Now that is very interesting.

Used your link ulrra get drivers and they install with a promise ultra 133 tx2 promiee error. If any of those files resides beyond the GB boundary it won’t boot. They think this philosophy will help with future sales. Windows is much more expensive than a HDD anyway. The driver is not compatible with win7 64bit and the promise card does not work.

Promise Ultra TX2 ATA/ PCI Controller – Forum Thread – Tech Advisor

It seems that Promise is to greedy to put out a proper driver for Win 7. Thanks so much for anyone who can help me tweak things to get this card to work.

In the device manager i can see the cards and they have drivers updated, but in the Disk Management it only shows my main drives that are connected to the motherboard ide prlmise.

If a service pack or security update rewrites those files such that they are moved beyond the GB boundary, your computer promise ultra 133 tx2 boot after the update.

PROMISE ULTRA133 TX2 Series x86, x64 Windows Driver

Of course all I see is a reason to avoid them in the future. At this rate though, if I have to replace my card, I won’t be buying Promise anymore I installed 133 myself and i am having no problems. Thursday, November 19, 6: I promise ultra 133 tx2 to the AMD64 folder inside that.

As this page describes, I downloaded the driver for TX – updated the driver by opening device manager as admin- works just fine! Saturday, January 2, 1: Here is the link to the Promise ultra 133 tx2 that peomise need Only downside is that it is unsigned so you need to disable driver signing everything you boot up.

Perhaps Bajafreak was using a bit version of Windows it’s the only thing I can think of if it worked for him. It also broke my heart to ulfra my three HDD’s, but i guess pain will be gone once i get my new screaming fast samsung hdd to run the boot-sector ; And the weirdest thing, it was one of the cheapest HDD available, but by far one of the fastest, i don’t get it Is there a promise ultra 133 tx2 pfomise a hack to get it to work again?