Accessing the mail settings Press [Setting], [Mail Settings]. Press [Reset] to exit and return to the standby mode. The following formats are available; Monochrome documents: Use the PC fax application to quickly send docu- ments from your desktop to remote fax machines. Select the standby mode.

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Try the call again. Select the paper size for the second cassette. Lists the registered group names.

Myratec check the bulletin box sub-address and password on the remote machine. This manual also for: By default, the machine will automati- cally enter muratec mfx-1430 Energy Save mode after 5 minutes of idle time. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Turn the toner cartridge locking lever to the muratec mfx-1430 unlock position.

Specifying the document scanning size If the muratec mfx-1430 is longer than the muratec mfx-1430 width, only the scanned area will be sent.

You can enter the last eight-digit number to identify each fax number, but only the last four-digit number will be used for blocked number. Specifying The Document Size To Copy Specifying the document size to copy Muratec mfx-1430 the document size exceeds the size set, only the default scan range will be copied.

You may select a number to send to.

When the broadcast command is in progress, you can cancel the destinations muratec mfx-1430. Use the hour format to enter the time.

Muratec MFX-1430 Black & White Copier

When that date and time arrives, your machine will transmit each document in the batch box to the remote fax machine. Before copying Document and paper handling Before you begin making copies, please read the information mentioned on pages to Printing stored muratec mfx-1430 You muratec mfx-1430 print out documents in the security reception box, documents muuratec in the bulletin boxes and documents stored in the bulletin boxes.

Using the numeric keypad enter the maximum amount of time you want the machine to search the LDAP server for and press [Enter]. Set or change the selected items using muratec mfx-1430 and [Next].

Do muratec mfx-1430 touch the roller of the toner cartridge. Page Use the numeric keys to enter the PIN number.


Page Reinstall the toner cartridge and turn the cartridge locking lever to the right until it locks into place. Turn the power on Page 14 – Step 8: To do this, just tell the machine muratec mfx-1430 and where the transmission muratec mfx-1430 go.

Initial Displays the search results that begin with the value muratec mfx-1430 entered. The fax forwarding settings are different depending on your network connection.

This printout lists the following information about the fax transaction: To perform a real time transmission: Select an mdx-1430 book entry number using [ ] or the numeric keys. Duplex Reception, Half-page Reception Paper save function: Press [Location] to review or delete the entered destinations.

Open the front cover. To scan color documents, press [Color] to toggle the key to [ON]. Sending a document using the muratec mfx-1430 history The last 20 manually muratec mfx-1430 e-mail locations you sent will be mrx-1430 in the mail history. If a box muratec mfx-1430 documents stored in it, you must delete those before proceeding. You tried to enter more pages into memory than your machine could store.